AC-DC Converter 110V 220V to 5V 2A Buck Voltage Regulator Low Ripple Switching Power Supply Module


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1. Intelligent switch or all kinds of electronic products are commonly used with built-in isolated voltage stabilized ACDC power module

2. Super small size, flexible installation, can be embedded into PCB slot vertically or welded to PCB by dupont plug

3. International universal full range input voltage :85265VAC or 110370VDC

4. It is equipped with overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection and overtemperature protection. When the abnormal load problem is removed, it will automatically return to normal

5. Accuracy range of output voltage: 48-5.3v.

6. Products are designed in accordance with safety standards.

7. The product has ultra-low power consumption, conforms to the design of six level energy efficiency standard, no load ≤ 0.1w, and the efficiency is 77-80

8. More power or double output can be used in parallel with multiple power sources.

9, 3v33v3.6v voltage, can also output voltage regulator chip use, with 5V power supply, such as 3.3V commonly used low-voltage differential micro-power regulator chip :7133(50mA)7233(300mA)7533(100mA)7833(500mA)1117(1A non-cmos high temperature and large power consumption, not recommended).

  1. Ac input (VAC) : 85-264(recommended range
  2. Dc input (VDC) : 110-370(recommended range)
  3. Frequency range (Hz) : 47-63
  4. Input current (mA) : 0.12/115vac0.06/230vac
  5. Surge current (A) : cold start :10A230VAC
  6. Efficiency (TYP) : ≥77%
  7. No load standby (mW)≤100mW


1. Without special description, all the specification parameters are input in 230VAC, rated load,

Measurement at ambient temperature of 25°.

2. Ripple and noise measurement: use a 12 “twisted pair with parallel terminals

Capacitors of 01UF and 10uF, measured at 20MHz bandwidth.

3 precision: including tolerance error, linear adjustment rate and load adjustment rate.

The power supply should be considered as part of the system components, which should be combined with terminal equipment for electromagnetic compatibility

Relevant confirmation.

If the output is lower than the input voltage, please refer to the deduction curve for details.

6. External EMC components, please refer to the design for details

Products can be customized according to customer requirements

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